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Fo-Ti Processed

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Fo Ti, also known as He Shou Wu, is a very powerful Chinese anti aging herb. Fo Ti is famous for promoting healthy hair, and skin. It helps with liver dysfunction, the kidneys, high blood pressure, lower back pain and has a rejuvination effect on nerves and brain cells. Fo Ti improves vitality, increases vigor, nourish the blood and yin, lowers cholesterol, and can reduce hair graying.

Experiments have provided that Fo Ti can help reduce the formation of plaque and fat deposits on the arterial walls.

“Most American products contain the cheaper unprocessed root, which is mildly laxative. The unprocessed root is light brown to brown in color and the processed or cured root is dark reddish brown.” (All Natural)

625 Mg  100 Capsule 2 w/Meals.

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