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Astragalus Rejuvenation and Anti Aging

Special offer Astragalus is a herb that prolongs the regeneration of human cells providing longer healthier...

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Ashwagandha is a rejuvenative tonic, it aids in sleep, and enhances memory. It helps the body...

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Fo-Ti Processed

Fo Ti, also known as He Shou Wu, is a very powerful Chinese anti aging herb. Fo Ti is famous for...

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Topic: Rejuvenation & Anti Aging, Herbs and Remedies

Date 19/08/2012
By Mike
Subject Fo-Ti promotes longevity

Fo-Ti*** Polygonum multiflorum Chinese tonic herb that promotes longevity, strengthens the blood, improves vitality, sexual vigor and fertility and can reduce hair graying.
Lowers cholesterol, improves arteriosclerosis, regulates blood sugar.

Date 19/08/2012
By Quality of Life
Subject Re: Fo-Ti promotes longevity

Thanks Mike, we are currently working on a quality supply line from the source and should have it available soon.
Drop us a line in the Feedback Menu Selection and we will email you on its arrival. Thank you your patronage.
Sincerely Your



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