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African Mango and Weight Loss

African Mango Promotes weight loss per Dr.Oz.  Lose up to 25 lbs. in as little as 4...

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Ginseng is known to improve alertness, and increase ones mental and physical capacity. It...

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Goat Weed and the Like

Epimediums have aphrodisiac qualities associated with content of icariin. Icariin is purported to...

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The V-Smoke - e Cigarette

The Virtual Smoking Kit contains:  2 pcs atomizer, 5 pcs Cartridge (E-Liquid contained in...

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V-Nicotine Cartridge

  5PCS/ S-BOX; 250 - 300 puffs / cartridge. The compositions of E-Liquid (Atomized Liquid)...

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